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Come adopt a character today!
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                                   INSTUCTIONS AND RULES

~~~~~For those putting a character up for adoption~~~~~


Leave a note  with the following information:
     Character sheet/reference  (leave a link to a picture of the character that
                                               you want to put up for adoption)

     Name:  (name of the character)
     Species: (name the species of the character)
     History:  (give some history of background to the character)
     Qualifiactions:  (*optional* list any specific rules of qualifications that a
                              potential adopter must have or follow such as "please
                              draw,"  or "do not make any modifications to the


-No mass sets of characters (EX:… , or… )
-Please pick an owner within a month of putting the character up.  If it is up for
  a long time and an owner is not picked than i will remove the character
-If character gets removed from the page you can still ask to have it put up
-Its ok if you have second thoughts and want to keep the character, just let me
-Once you have decided who you want the new owner to be just send me a
-Unless the new owner is willing to return the character, understand that once
  a new owner is chosen the character is no longer yours.

~~~~~For those wanting to adopt a character~~~~~


-If interested in adopting a characte, simply comment on the picture of the
character that you are interested in.
-If you have drawn a picture of the character to show how much you like it,
then leave a link in your comment.
-Do not comment on a picture unless you are seriously interested in adopting
-If you want to comment on how you like a picture or wish to fav it, go to the
original artists page. (a link will be provided)
-If you have drawn a picture of the character to show how much you like it,
then leave a link in your comment.
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KuroToraWolf Feb 21, 2012  Student Artist
I used the lioness I bought from you to let you know
AlyAdopts Aug 20, 2011  Student Artist
were Do I buy 1 of your Adoptables?
Hey. this person wrote something about you in their blog.. CLICK HERE
Hmmm, does it have to be anthro or wolf-like?
no it can be anything ya want it to be
DoctorCritical Jun 24, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where do I send it? do I just put it up on my account as a deviation with the note, or do I have to send it to you some way?
just send a note with a link to the picture and all the info on the charracter
DoctorCritical Jun 30, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I honestly don't think this is gonna catch on... I know I would never want to give up my original characters, characters I drew and developed myself... Why would anyone else want to give up theirs?
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